White Collar Fraud Investigations


If you’re a numbers person and want to begin or expand your knowledge of Economic Crime, this is the class for you. The Fraud Investigations I course is a program for criminal investigators, non-criminal investigators, corporate security, auditors and analysts which provides a foundation for fraud and financial investigations. The program includes an overview of the fraud investigation process, identification of offenses and common schemes, obtaining records, analyzing the records ( to include investigative accounting, analytical tools, and financial analysis techniques), case organization and presentation of the fraud case for prosecution.

Successful completion of the course will enable students to: (1) identify various investigative techniques that may be used to investigate economic crimes; (2) identify evidentiary documents that may be used to prove the source and disposition of monies; (3) demonstrate how computer software may be used to organize, analyze, and present information; (4) identify various ways that an accounting system may be used to conceal the true nature of fraudulent transactions; (5) demonstrate how indirect methods may be used to identify illegal income; and (6) demonstrate how to effectively present investigative findings.

Class Description:

An Overview of Fraud and Financial Crimes Investigations
Case Initiation
Investigative Planning
Common Fraud Schemes and Indicators
The Fraud Investigative Process
Obtaining and Analyzing Records
Fraud Prevention and Detection