suicide by cop

Suicide by Cop: HN 902

Suicide by Cop: Suicide by cop is an incident where an individual commits suicide by precipitating the use of deadly force by the police. In these incidents, the safety of the officers and the public comes first. The very intent of the individual places the officer at a disadvantage. The individual has it in his mind to force or trap the officer into using deadly force and based on this, there will be instances where shooting of the individual cannot be helped.

One of the worst nightmares in law enforcement is a "suicide by cop" situation. These highly pressurized, seemingly no-win incidents threaten you tactically, emotionally and -- should the shooting end up in court -- possibly even legally and professionally.

Class Description:

What is Suicide by Cop?
What are the indicators?
How to deal with the situation, physically, emotionally and tactically
Negotiation vs. lethal force/non-lethal force
5 C’s