Money Laundering Investigations


Money-laundering operations are designed to take the proceeds of illegal activity, such as profits from fraud, and disguise the existence, source, or application of those funds so the proceeds appear to come from a legitimate source. In short, “dirty money” is made to appear clean. Once illegal money has been laundered, the perpetrator is able to spend or invest the illicit income in legitimate assets.

This course explores the money laundering process, reviewing the methods used to launder funds, discussing laws and regulations used to combat money laundering and explaining techniques used to investigate it.

Our instructors have decades of experience tracking down illegal proceeds from all over the entire world collecting millions of dollars in assets and cash.

Class Description:

Money Laundering Trends
Virtual Currency Threats
Anonymous Money Movements
Cloud Banking
Associate schemes with anti-money laundering
Recognize traditional and contemporary methods of money laundering
Identify offshore havens and their functionality
Analyze techniques for investigating money laundering
Evaluate the best methods for tracing and discovering hidden assets