Introduction to Asset Forfeiture Recovery


Criminals are very smart about where they hide their money and property. This course will develop your skills to locate and forfeit these assets. Our expert faculty instructs the asset forfeiture techniques to you and utilizes an interactive investigation of a simulated money laundering investigation.

The attendees will begin the simulated investigation with informant based information normally encountered by the personnel in the field. The money laundering suspect will take the participant through a maze of financial transactions specifically designed to conceal and disguise the source, location, and ownership of illegal proceeds. With that information the participants will utilize criminal investigative techniques to identify the witnesses and evidence that will be used to prove each of the elements of a money laundering violation and perfect the related asset forfeiture.

The investigation of the simulated case will be interspersed with relevant blocks of instruction that will augment the attendees current investigative skills and lead to a successful conclusion to the investigation.

Class Description:

Identifying money laundering targets.
A review of The Bank Secrecy Act.
An analysis of the Elements of the Money Laundering Control Act statutes and their application to a simulated investigation.
Investigative techniques and evidentiary requirements necessary to prove the Elements of common Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture investigations.
The fundamentals of Asset Forfeiture and Tracing of Funds.
Use of the computer to organize, analyze, and present large volumes of financial evidence. Overview of Trade Based Money Laundering.
Introduction to Forensic Accounting Techniques and methods of isolating criminally derived proceeds from commingled legitimate source proceeds.