Homicide Investigations II


The Homicide II course of study will provide the attendee with the advanced skills and competency to conduct a complete and thorough homicide investigation in order to prosecute the offender in a court of law. Experienced Retired Homicide Investigators will provide you a hands on look into the life they lived in for many years as a Homicide Investigator. Some say it is an Art that only few can endure with the stresses and pressure that come with death investigations. Everyone is looking at you for the answers, the family, witnesses, your boss, his boss, the medical examiner, and the attorneys. Since the OJ Simpson case, no one wants to make any mistakes. Numerous case studies will be critiqued, analyzed and reviewed for best practice methods and new evidence collection techniques.

This course is ideal for Crime Scene Technicians, Medical Examiner/Coroner Investigators, Supervisors, Military Investigators, Criminal Analysts, and Prosecuting Attorneys.

Class Description:

Manner of Death (Natural, Accidental, Suicide & Homicide)
Equivocal Death
Infant Death (SIDS & Child Abuse)
Death by Poisoning
Asphyxiation / Suffocation / Drowning
Electrocutions / Lightning Strikes
Fire Deaths
Comprehensive Examination of Suicide
Autoerotic Death
Homicide Crime Scene Investigations
Types of Homicide (Murder, Manslaughter, Excusable, Justifiable, etc.)
Time of Death (Algor Mortis, Livor Mortis & Rigor Mortis)
Identifying the Victim
Notifying the Next of Kin
The Autopsy
Modes of Death (Blunt Force Trauma, Stabbing, Gunshot Wounds, etc.)
Dealing With the Media
Decomposition (Autolysis / Putrefaction, Adipocere & Mummification)
Skeletal Remains
In-depth Examination of Gunshot Wounds (Contact, Intermediate & Distant)
Stabbing / Cutting / Chopping Wounds
Strangulation / Asphyxiation (Petechia & Hyoid damage)
Pattern Injuries
Defensive Wounds
The Area Canvass
Courtroom Presentation
Case Studies