Dignitary Protection - Law Enforcement


The goal of the Protection Detail is to provide protectees with the ability to commute, work, and live a peaceful life with the least impact on privacy and freedom of operations. Our job is to teach you how to accomplish this task with the most experienced local, state and federal investigators whom have managed the highest profile protection details in the private sector and US Government.

Class Description:

Situation awareness & observation techniques
Dignitary & Witness Protection Walking Techniques & Vehicle Formations
Operational Planning
Threat Assessments & Risk Analysis and Intelligence Information
Site Surveys, Security Advances & Route Choices and Reconnaissance
Close Quarters Combat Drills & Weapons
Counter Surveillance
Advanced Counter Actions - Walking Formations & Vehicle Movements
Simulated Protection Detail Attack on Dignitary & Evacuation Exercise
Force on Force Exercise with Simulation to duplicate high-risk protection dignitary and witness details