Crisi and Hostage Negotiations


Crisis & Hostage Negotiations: One of the most stressful, dangerous and emotional investigations is the handling of a hostage crisis and negotiation. When a person’s life is at stake, mistakes can be deadly. Our experienced expert faculty has conducted hundreds of successful negotiations in their careers in state and federal law enforcement. The attendees will be provided the basic tools and skills of a successful crisis negotiator. This course will prepare you to work as part of a coordinated negotiation team and handle a variety of crisis situations including hostage takers, barricaded subjects, and potential suicide victims.

You will learn the different phases of the negotiation process, from the introduction to the surrender, and specific strategies and techniques to be used along the way. We will discuss when negotiation may not be the best solution, what items are negotiable and non-negotiable, and what to do in non-response situations.

Attendees will be challenged in team-oriented, scenario-driven practical exercises as an integral part of the course and will allow you the opportunity to practice and refine your crisis negotiation skills.

Class Description:

Introduction to Crisis Negotiation
Pre-incident Planning
Effective Communication
Command Response
Negotiating as a Team
Principles of Crisis Negotiation
Phases of the Negotiation
Abnormal Psychology for Crisis Negotiators
Anti-social Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Paranoid Personality Disorder
Avoidant/Dependent Personality Disorders
Suicide Intervention for Law Enforcement
Debriefing and Record Keeping