Crime Scene Investigations I


CSI I: If you’re looking to combine your interests in science and criminal justice, a career as a crime scene investigator might be right for you. CSIs, also known as forensic science technicians, provide crucial support to law enforcement by thoroughly documenting crime scenes, collecting physical evidence, and performing scientific tests that give investigators greater understanding of a crime. While every day might not be as exciting as a TV episode of “CSI”, real-life crime scene investigators perform many crucial tasks that shed light on criminal investigations. In the course of instruction, participants will be exposed to the intrigue and suspense of the CSI. Learn the history and science of Crime Scene Investigation. Get actual case studies and hands on experience from our instructors with crime scene experience at the 9/11 scene and thousands of other crime scenes. Utilize the techniques, tactics and procedures utilized by law enforcement officers to investigate and solve general crimes.

Class Description:

History and Science of Crime Scene Investigation
Fundamentals of Crime Scene Management
Crime Scene Preparation
Collection and Preservation of Evidence
Crime Scene Sketching
Safety Considerations