Corporate Vulnerabilities


Corporate Vulnerabilities:

Is your company vulnerable or a secure operation? Is your corporate information open to outside exploitation? Have your employees been informed how to harden your business or corporation’s private information? This course can develop awareness and provide a framework for understanding and protecting against industrial espionage. It reviews the history of industrial espionage, current methods of information elicitation, and explores counterespionage options to defend organizations. Attendees will learn how companies place their proprietary and protected information at risk as well as and will be exposed to how to prevent unwanted information disclosure.

Class Description:

The Economic Espionage Act of 1996.
Operational Counterintelligence.
How to recognize, identify and neutralize serious threats.
Understanding and protecting against industrial espionage.
What constitutes Industrial espionage?
Discussion of corporate vulnerabilities - physical, institutional and human.
Examines the common "Security Mindset".

Attendees will be exposed to security vulnerabilities, and “Hardening Techniques” to prevent placing at risk proprietary and protected information, and how to prevent unwanted information disclosure.

Learn how to recognize, identify, and neutralize serious information security threats. The course reviews the techniques used to harden the unseen soft targets of policies, process, procedures, and marketing strategies, found in both business and government entities.