Corporate Espionage Countermeasures


Are your company assets vulnerable to corporate espionage?
You can help stop it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Does your Company or Investment have a Perimeter Fence, Alarm System, Closed Circuit Security Cameras or Security Guards?

Are your Clients Lists, Financial Transactions, Profit Margins, Material Supplier Information, Product Research, Formulas, Manufacturing Process equally as well protected as your building is?

Is your Company vulnerable right now? Corporate Vulnerabilities are usually caused by the “HUMAN FACTOR”, is your company vulnerable from nefarious “HUMAN” activity?

This course will acquaint you how to identify vulnerabilities, methods of prevention, discuss the flags to look for in order to detect problems, and how to deal with vulnerabilities effectively.

Class Description:

How to ID, recognize and neutralize serious physical, procedural and human threats to both private or public business and government entities.

Review the framework for understanding and protecting against industrial espionage. Examine the history of industrial espionage; discusses corporate vulnerabilities - physical, institutional and human; examines the vulnerabilities in the common "Security Mindset."

Attendees will learn how companies place their proprietary and protected information at risk and how to prevent unwanted information disclosures. Explore the counter espionage options to defend private organizations.