Cargo Theft Investigations


Most people do not realize that Cargo Theft in South Florida results in the loss of more than $ 9 Million dollars in stolen property each year. This figure has increased each year as the economy deteriorates and the financial gain versus punishment is high.

This course has been designed to meet the demands placed on the modern-day cargo theft police investigator or industry security specialist. Experts in each field will discuss the various investigative strategies used by law enforcement and loss prevention professionals to combat cargo theft. Instructors with decades of experience in their respective areas will provide detailed instruction with practical application formats useful to the investigator on the street. This course will provide the line investigator or loss prevention security specialists with valuable ideas and strategies that have been employed successfully by law enforcement groups dedicated to cargo theft investigations. The course will also provide insight for task force managers on the procedures used to develop and maintain a multi-agency initiative investigating both state and federal violations of law.

Class Description:

Cargo Theft Trends and Statistics
Industry Role–Best Practices/Partnership with Law Enforcement Theft Prevention
Conventional Investigative Techniques
Surveillance—Physical and Electronic
High Risk Take Down
Tracking Devices—GPS
Information Sources
Undercover Operatives
Sting Operations
Tracing Ownership of Stolen Property
Intelligence Data Bases—Analysis